Enter The March MATness Bracket Challenge to win your choice of WaterMat TowBoggan, WaterMat Shark or three MyWaterMats. All participants will receive a $50 coupon that can be used on any WaterMat purchase on TheWaterMat.com. It is free to enter, so invite your friends and enjoy the MATness!!!
MyWaterMat - non inflated lake or pool raft
New for 2015, the MyWaterMat comes in 13 colors! Custom-order to match your boat or canopy; show your team colors; or brighten-up your lakefront.
Floating Yoga Mat WaterMat
Find Zen on the water with the new Yoga WaterMat…the world’s first yoga mat designed specifically for water. Indoors or outdoors, individually or in a group, enjoy peace, serenity and joy on the water!
towboggan - large towable raft
Announcing our first towable products to hit your lake: The TowBoggan™. Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of towing, the new TowBoggan comes in two fun sizes, NEVER needs inflating and will NEVER pop!
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We offer 9 different floatables, even one for your dog, each 100% made in right here in the USA.

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yoga on water, yoga watermat, floating yogamat

Ideally suited for both the individual seeking Zen at the lake or for a group class practicing in a pool.

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why choose a watermat floating lake raft

There are cheap imitations, but you usually get what you pay for. Find out more about the WaterMat difference…

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With so many fun and no-hassle choices, you really can’t go wrong, but here’s some help to pick the right one.

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WaterMat Contest, WaterMat Sweepstakes
Enter March MATness

Enter to receive $50 off any WaterMat purchase before the National Championship Game on Monday, April 6th.

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