Happy Holidays!!!

Why not give the gift of fun this year to the whole family! Walk on water this holiday season with a genuine WaterMat made right here in the USA.
Floating Yoga Mat WaterMat
Find Zen on the water with the new Yoga WaterMat…the world’s first yoga mat designed specifically for water. Indoors or outdoors, individually or in a group, enjoy peace, serenity and joy on the water!
towboggan - large towable raft
Announcing our first towable products to hit your lake: The TowBoggan™. Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of towing, the new TowBoggan comes in two fun sizes, NEVER needs inflating and will NEVER pop!
Watermat Shark - large water raft
Made of extra-tough industrial-grade foam, there are NO multi-person foam floatation toys that can compare to the WaterMat Shark's durability. Originally designed to take a pounding at campground and resorts, the Shark is perfect for families with lots of extra-tough, extra-big kids! So tough, it comes with a two year warranty.
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We offer 9 different floatables, even one for your dog, each 100% made in right here in the USA.

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yoga on water, yoga watermat, floating yogamat

Ideally suited for both the individual seeking Zen at the lake or for a group class practicing in a pool.

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why choose a watermat floating lake raft

There are cheap imitations, but you usually get what you pay for. Find out more about the WaterMat difference…

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Specifically designed for being towed, the TowBoggan provides a truly unique ride & hours of fun for the whole family.

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