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Which WaterMat® Is Right For You

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Each WaterMat is well suited for kids of all ages and sizes, so you really can’t go wrong. If your kids are bigger or you expect a large number of kids, like a visit from the local high school football team, perhaps the two inch thick WaterMat Plus is the product of choice. The Original WaterMat is easier to roll-up and move around the lake, so the mobile partying Cove set might find the Original WaterMat the way to go.

But here is a quick run down that might help:

  • The "Original" cool blue WaterMat is 6 feet wide and 18 feet long, weighs 30 pounds, and supports 1200 pounds in the water. For years, it was "the" WaterMat and remains our second largest seller. Perfect for any family, it is the most mobile WaterMat and, if you move around the lake, might be just the ticket for that trip to the Cove.

  • Our most popular model is the WaterMat Plus and if "bigger" means "better" to you, the 20-foot extra thick Plus supports even more people and is 50% more buoyant.

  • We also offer the built-to-order 40 foot and 60 foot WaterMat Plus Jumbo. Providing the same width and thickness of our most popular WaterMat Plus but at two or three times the length, they might also be two or three times as fun (but expect people to gawk and point in awe as they pass by and be sure to tell them, "yes, this is a WaterMat…but bigger!"

  • The WaterMat Shark is even longer (22 feet) and is made out of even tougher industrial-grey foam. As anyone who buys water toys knows, they can take a beating. Although ALL WaterMats are very tough and durable, the Shark is specifically designed for heavier use including campground or resort settings.

  • The DoggyMat allows your furry friends to join in on the lake fun, too without fear of their claws gashing or popping your water toy. As dogs get older, getting in and out of the water and back into the pontoon, on to your ski deck or dock becomes a challenge. The DoggyMat provides a perfect transition platform that helps Fido get back on board without a fuss.

  • The WaterMat Professional is a commercial-grade, technical flotation device not designed for consumer application. Offering the same protective heat laminated poly-tarp as found on the DoggyMat, the Professional is designed just for people that work in and around the water.

  • Remember, none of the floatable WaterMats are towable. If you want to cruise around the lake, then your go-to choice is the innovative TowBoggan, made by the same folks that bring you the WaterMat floatation toys.

  • The MyWaterMat is customizable in any one of 13 different colors! This unique product is our most portable WaterMat yet, and at 3.25 inches thick it is still buoyant enough for all weight sizes. The MyWaterMats can also be chained together to extend the fun or create a floating bridge to run across.

  • Specifically developed, tested and refined for functionality by an internationally recognized yoga expert, the Yoga WaterMat is ideally suited for both the individual seeking Zen at the lake or for a group class practicing at a resort or hotel pool.

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